arts in the ville

arts in the ville

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Leda Daniel on show in the Pop up gallery

Leda Daniel is an Argentinian artist who has been living in Helensville for the past few years.
She gets her inspiration from New Zealand's colourful scenery and the local Kaipara River. Lately she has been working trying to merge her love of landscapes and sunsets with abstract concepts, adding textures and different techniques to her paintings. Each painting is composed of several layers, each showing through to the next, making the finished product very intricate and colourful.
"My main goal is to convey a sense of peace and happiness to my audience when they look at my work.” — Leda

Leda's work will be on show in the Pop up gallery, the meeting room by the library, open 10 - 4 Sat, Sun, Mon.

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