arts in the ville

arts in the ville

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Funky Knitter

The amazing Annie who works in our local library by day and creates amazing knitted creations by night will be knitting at the Helensville museum during Arts in the Ville. We asked her about her knitting history and this is her story.

I’ve am a knitting addict. It started small, in the distant recesses of memory – somewhere between the ages of five and seven. Then, the knitting stopped. And started again. And stopped. And started at 17 years, and has kept going. First ‘major’ project: golf club covers for my then-boyfriend. Then baby clothes – always baby clothes. So handy having a large family to knit for. Along the way, I realised how much I hate sewing, so taught myself how to knit in the round. Prefect for sewing avoidance! Then came the socks addiction – first a challenge, now just something I do. When all else fails, and I can’t think of what to give someone: I knit them socks. I hate going to meetings when I can’t knit. All that wasted time. There are projects I could be working on. If the cat allows, my happiest time is watching a doco on TV, knitting, while reading (thank goodness for the library’s eBooks collection – downloaded on my phone, which sits happily on the arm of my chair). And, yes, I can pay attention to all three.

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